Termite InspectionsIpswich

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If you suspect there may be termites in your home or you live in an area where there are a lot of termites then Ipswich Termites can perform a Termite Inspection Report and provide recommendations and options to manage Termites.


Termite TreatmentIpswich

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If you have found termites in your premises Ipswich Termites recommend a professional termite baiting program be performed for a period of up to two months prior to a chemical soil barrier being installed.


Termite PreventionIpswich

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Ipswich Termites can install a continuous chemical barrier around your building. Any termites that travel through the treated area will carry the chemical back to the nest and spread the deadly effect of the chemical barrier throughout the colony.


Termite BaitingIpswich

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If termite activity is found, an above ground baiting system can be used. Termite bait stations installed by Ipswich Termites are placed close to termite activity and the termites consume the bait and take it back to the nest, therefore infecting and eliminating the colony.


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